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Pojdi Z Mano: Come Along (2016)

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Country: Slovenia
Time: 1h 23min
Director: Igor Sterk
In search of the best photo for the school competition, four teenagers head to remote hills. The competition for awards turns into a struggle for survival. Manc, who leads the group to remote but scenic countryside, where he spent his childhood with his grandpa, had been accused of stealing a phone and consequently might be expelled from school. Schoolmates Mina, Oto and Spurc join him on this trip. Mina, who is spoiled, stubborn city girl, breaks first in this foreign environment, but luckily by her side always stands Oto, rational boy who is in love with her. In this untouched nature which is such an unknown world to them also Spurc, who was golden-spoon-fed all his life, turns into a cowardish spoiled-child, and at the end Manc is again the one who safely guides them back home. A story about growing up, love, friendship and heroism. The warm but suspenseful and occasionally spine-chilling film focuses on what happens in the today's world when technology stops working and the '... Written by A.A.C

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